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Is Platelet Rich Fibrin Safe?

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Thanks to modern technology, there are now new creative techniques that can accelerate healing and, to a certain extent, even reverse aging. One of the promising and proven innovations in medicine and cosmetics is the use of platelet-rich fibrin. Through the use of platelet-rich fibrin, we can accelerate healing, restore hair loss, address wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. 

Development Of Platelet Rich Fibrin

It’s been a long-time dream for many researchers to develop a bioactive surgical additive that can help control inflammation and speed up the healing process. The healing of tissues and other body cells is moderated by a whole complex system of different systems functioning together. We do not know how the framework works completely, but researchers understood that platelets are part of the rejuvenation process. 

However, the production of these fibrin adhesives has been quite complex, owing to its strict regulations and risks of infection. That’s why we have Platelet-rich plasma, but even this has become complicated due to blood handling procedures. So they developed a new platelet concentrate, which is the Platelet-rich Fibrin. Platelet-rich Fibrin, or PRF, is a new biomaterial additive proven its effectiveness in dentistry, surgeries, and numerous cosmetics applications. 

What Is Fibrin? 

Before we dive deeper into PRF, we need to understand fibrin better. Fibrin is an insoluble protein quickly produced in response to damages such as wounds or bleeding. It is a tough protein so that it can arrange itself in long continuous chain fibrous chains. Fibrin is formed thanks to another soluble protein called fibrinogen; this protein is found in the blood plasma but is produced in the liver. The continuous chains entangle the platelets, causing enough solid mass that develops into a blood cloth, preventing more bleeding. The same fibrin also encourages cellular recovery and growth. It can prompt recovery anywhere in your body. 

What Is Platelet-Rich Fibrin?

Platelet-rich Fibrin, or PRF, is an innovative procedure that is only now possible in modern times since it involves separating the blood from the platelets. To better understand PRF, let’s take a look at its predecessor, which is the Platelet-rich Plasma, or PRP. Plater-rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-rich Fibrin have similar methodologies. These treatments have been frequently used in dentistry, skin care treatments, and surgeries. If you are familiar with cosmetic treatments, you may know PRP for its other term, Vampire Facial. PFR is very similar to Vampire Facial, but it follows a more sophisticated approach, which we will explain later on. Both require extracting blood from the patient, and both use centrifuges to separate blood from the platelets. That’s why it is occasionally referred to as “vampire.”

Extracting PRP And PRF

PRP is a tried and tested method for cosmetic treatments and other applications, and it is also a standard treatment used in microneedling and hair loss. To extract PRP, it needs a double spin method, first a hard spin and then a soft spin. Hard spins separate the blood from the other cells, while the soft spin separates the plasma from the rest of the cells. However, extracting PRF is a much more efficient method. Its spin is different from PRP, extracting more fibrin, leukocytes, platelets, and mesenchymal stem cells.


When applying PRP in cosmetics, say improving facial appearance, PRP releases its growth and rejuvenation factors immediately after application. The problem is it’s inefficient; you want your healing processes to take time to do their work so that the skin has time to develop. PRP does its job quickly because the hard spin causes trauma on the cells, making it less effective. Its platelet counts aren’t as numerous as the PRF technique. Unlike PRP, PRF does its job in cosmetics by steadily releasing its growth and rejuvenation factors such as platelets and fibrin into the skin. For the next couple of days, the skin rejuvenation and growth happen steadily, giving the treatment time to develop effectively. 

Part of PRF processing doesn’t involve using any anticoagulants, a medicine for preventing blood clots. Without using any anticoagulants, nothing will stop the blood from developing fibrin. The fibrin mixture and the other platelets formula allow the slow release of healing and growth factors. It’s very organic, and there are no other additives, no coating, no anticoagulants, and no chemicals are mixed in. PRF is truly an all-natural approach and more innovative than PFP. 

How Does It Work?

A PRF formula contains fibrin and other cells that promote blood clots and support cellular growth. The formula for A PRF is all within your bloodstream; they are practically everywhere. The platelets and fibrin are likewise everywhere, and they are always there to quickly respond if any damages happen. So by extracting those healing factors, we can start up your body’s organic repair systems into other parts. The PRF treatment can be safely used in any body part, but it is especially noticeable in your facial skin. When using PRF in your facial skin, you can appear much younger. 

Platelet-rich Fibrin Procedure

Your doctor or other providers will start extracting a small amount of blood from you. Only a tiny bit can significantly work wonders. Next, they will place your blood in a vial, and they put that vial into a centrifuge. A centrifuge is a machine that spins blood, separating the blood from the rest of the contents, such as plasma. The spin will take around 10 minutes or so. Once the spinning is over, you can see that the blood is separated into three layers, the blood is at the bottom, fibrin is at the center, and the plasma is at the top. Finally, they will extract fibrin and plasma and then use them on other body parts that need rejuvenation or healing. 

Is It Safe?

PRF is very safe, and to develop the treatment, all it needs is your own blood. There are no chemicals, no aftercare, or other additives; just your blood is sufficient. 

What PRF is really doing is taking advantage of your body’s healing process and putting it elsewhere that needs it.

Final Thoughts

Platelet-rich Fibrin has been servicing patients after surgeries or for cosmetic purposes only for a long time. It’s a tried and true formula, taking advantage of your body’s healing process. If you are interested in PRF treatment, reach out to Northwest Beauty and Wellness—they offer services applicable to your needs and wants. 

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