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IV Therapy: What It Is and Why You Might Need It

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IV has long been recognized in the medical industry as one of the most efficient methods for maintaining nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required by the body if you cannot get them through food. Back then, experts only used it to feed people in hospitals who just had their surgeries or those who were too weak to eat and drink with their mouths. Thanks to the innovations done by today’s technological advancements, IV is now used to supply our bodies with the essential nutrients that we need. Called IV therapy, many people have seen this as a great way to be hydrated and nourished, especially during these times when we need immunity from illnesses more than ever.

This article aims to tell you everything you should know about it and why you might need it for yourself.

IV Therapy in a Nutshell

IV therapy or IV treatment, also known as Intravenous Therapy, is the process of using IV solution to supply nutrients and liquids directly into your bloodstream. The IV solution can be saline, but sometimes Vitamin mixes are added for additional effects.

It only takes around 15-30 minutes for IV therapy to take effect. You can go about your daily activities while IV therapy takes place.

How Does IV Therapy Work in Your Body?

IV is administered through an IV drip, a method by which liquids are passed directly into your veins to be absorbed and carried by your bloodstream throughout the body. When IV is injected into your body, IV therapy is already happening. IV therapy can boost your energy level and provide you with protection from illnesses that you need if you lack nutrients in your body. This means IV can also prevent illnesses before they happen, especially if IV is done every day.

How Can IV Therapy Help You?

IV fluids are infused into your bloodstream, and IV therapy can take care of your dietary needs should you not be able to eat food at the moment. IV therapies are also used for those who just finished treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy and those who need additional energy due to their conditions such as leukemia, kidney failure, diabetes, and pregnancy. IV fluids help manage these diseases through regular IV treatment, which is safe and proven effective by doctors around the globe.

What IV Treatment Contains

There are four types of IV Therapy: Intravenous Fluid, Nutritionals (ENT), Fluid Maintenance, and Chelation.

IV Fluids are designed to provide hydration through IV electrolytes added in water solution for rehydration and enough nutrients needed by your body during illness. People can also take IV electrolytes orally, but IVs are very efficient since IV solution is injected directly into your bloodstream.

IV Nutritionals (ENT) is another type of IV therapy. If you want to get nutrition without eating any food or just drinking fluids, IV therapy should be part of your plan. IV Nutritionals provide the components needed by our body for proper nutrient absorption and metabolism while providing energy during illness.

Fluid Maintenance is another type of IV therapy that is commonly used in hospitals. IV fluids help patients with chronic health conditions such as Nephrotic Syndrome, heart failure, liver cirrhosis, etc. Fluid maintenance ensures that these crucial elements in maintaining your fluid balance will not fall out from your system, so you don’t have to worry about being dehydrated again later. IV fluids are infused with IV electrolytes to help you stay hydrated and nourished.

Lastly, we have Chelation. IV chelation helps remove toxins from your body by having IV EDTA (the most common IV chelating agent), which binds the calcium that makes up mineral deposits in your arteries, veins, joints, kidneys, or anywhere that IV EDTA is applied. IV Chelation also works for heavy metal toxicity through IV Metal-Free.

What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

It can provide treatment for patients who need special care, such as the elderly or terminally ill. People like these appreciate what IV therapies can give them since they usually have a low quality of life due to their illnesses and disabilities.

This is IV therapy‘s special advantage since IV can provide relief where drugs fall short. IV treatment is ideal for those who are not eating or drinking due to their conditions, so IV is the only way to receive all the nutrients they need without having to eat solid food or drink beverages.

IV also saves time and money since IV therapies do not require you to stay in the hospital overnight for several treatments. Patients lie down on their beds while IV therapies take place, which means patients can go home right after IV treatment is done.

What Are the Contraindications & Warnings of IV Therapy?

People should keep in mind the most important thing before IV treatment is that people with heart problems must avoid getting fluid overload by consulting their doctor first about IV treatment. IV should not be taken by people who have a severe bleeding condition or allergy to IV medications, which is why you need to tell your IV doctor about it.

Why Do I Need IV Therapy?

It is a preventive treatment that can help maintain your immune system and boost energy. IV treatment also allows you to walk around without getting tired quickly, get rid of muscle pain, and bring back the appetite you used to have. By the looks of it, you must have been sick first before receiving IV therapy, but that is not the case. You can be a perfectly healthy person and still get IV therapy from your doctor.

Everyone needs IV therapy from time to time because IV therapy is designed to prevent people from illnesses by giving their bodies enough nutrients it needs every day. IV treatment helps restore fluid balance in patients with chronic disease conditions since IV electrolytes are infused directly into their bloodstream through an IV tube.

Suppose you are looking for immediate relief or extra-strength during illness. In that case, IV Therapy can provide these things for you as long as it is safe for everyone who receives this kind of treatment since each person has a different medical history and condition.

So, in your opinion, wouldn’t it be nice to receive IV treatment when you are not sick since health is the most important thing that everyone should have?

Final Thoughts

Delivering your needed supply of essential vitamins and minerals through your veins is a much more efficient way than orally taking your multivitamins because your body absorbs more and excretes less of it. You don’t need to be sick to receive IV therapy. It is just a better way of delivering the vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients you need without introducing new foods into your diet.
Northwest Beauty and Wellness offers IV therapy as part of its roster of treatments and services to help you achieve the optimal nutrition your body deserves. Their team of experts is highly skilled in handling these to their patients to ensure that they only get it from the best.

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