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Lip Lift: What are the Procedures Involved? Is it Really Helpful?

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Angelina Jolie’s luscious lips are often a source of envy among many women, even today. For most people, having a kissable pair of lips is an asset that not everyone can have. Either you have to be born with it, or you must do something about it that requires a visit to your cosmetic surgeon.

Nowadays, going to the professional to have your dream lips is no longer taboo, and everyone does that. Lip lifts are very popular among women, especially those with thin lips so that they would look sexier, more sultry, and oozing with more sex appeal than ever. Thick lips are hot, and women will do everything to get that.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about lip lifts treatment done by professionals nowadays. We will talk about the different processes involved and if it is beneficial to those receiving them.

Lip Lifts in a Nutshell

A lip lift treatment is usually done by a professional in the skincare clinic, a surgical procedure shortening the space between your nose and the top of your lip, traditionally known as the philtrum.

After the procedure, you can expect to have much higher lips than ever, and for those who want to add height instead of volume to their lips, going for a lip lift is the best option for you. If your upper lip is a bit droopy, this procedure is also for you. This is different from a lip filler because it makes your lips fatter, but for a lip lift, it lifts your upper lip to form a much higher lip.

Different Types of Lip Lifts

There are many different types of available lip lifts treatment that is perfect for each individual. If you are confused or clueless about which lip lift you should get, feel free to ask your doctor’s opinion because they know what’s best for you.

Subnasal Bullhorn

This is one of the most popular lip lift procedures and one of the most common and effective. For this type of lip lift, the surgeon will make an incision typically hidden along the base of your nose. This position is chosen because it will be less visible. Then, the incision will be created in the shape of a bullhorn, thus the name.

When the incision is made, the right, left, and center of the lip will be pulled up towards the nose.

Direct Lip Lift

It is also called a gullwing lip lift, and it creates a more defined border along the lips. For this procedure, the surgeon will remove a thin strip of skin just above the upper lip. Then the skin will be pulled upwards to create the illusion of a more prominent vermillion or pink part of the lips.

While this one gives the more noticeable results, this procedure typically often leaves a scar on the upper lip.

Central Lip Lift

This one is similar to the subnasal bullhorn lift in terms of procedures taken. This one shortens the philtrum by an incision at the lower nose area.

Italian Lip Lift

This particular procedure needs two incisions below each of your nostrils. This treatment is very similar to the subnasal bullhorn, aside from this specific detail. Thankfully, this one tends to leave no apparent scars after the procedure.

Corner Lip Lift

This procedure is also called a grin lift because, after the treatment, your face will give a more smiling impression to your facade. This procedure is done by creating two small incisions on both corners of your mouth.

Then the doctor will remove a small amount of skin to perform the procedure. Some people even get this particular lip lift and another lip lift to gain a much fuller pair of lips.

Possible Risks and Side Effects

Since lip lifts are performed as a kind of surgery, lip lifts have several possible complications and risks. To avoid any of these complications from happening, always have your lip lift procedures done with someone qualified to do such operations, such as a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Some of the known complications of lip lifts include poor wound healing or scarring, infections due to dirty tools, scarring, blood loss either during or after the surgery, allergic reactions to the anesthesia administered, and nerve damage.

These complications can be prevented by avoiding cheap and shady clinics that offer these services for lower prices. Always talk to your healthcare provider before setting up an appointment for these kinds of surgeries, especially if you have other conditions that might clash with the procedure.

Are They Really Helpful?

Having a lip lift treatment is the most effective option for some people if they want to have a more prominent pair of lips. Older people usually prefer this to other known procedures. This is understandable as the space between the nose and the upper lift increases as we age. This always results in making our lips look much thinner than before.

Lip lifts treatment are also an excellent option for younger people who feel that lip fillers are insufficient to do the trick. If they also find lip fillers too artificially looking, having a lip lift would give them a much natural improvement. Lastly, lip lifts offer a much more permanent option for those tired of going to the clinic for their constant lip fillers maintenance.

Our Takeaway

For those who want to have a more natural outcome from enlisting the help of professionals, lip lifts are the best option to have. Lip lifts treatment provide a much more natural result from the surgery.

If your surgeon is the best, you will experience a more natural enhancement compared to other methods such as lip fillers. There are many different kinds of lip lifts available, each perfect for everyone’s specific needs. Always feel free to ask your doctor for the best options for you.
Northwest Beauty and Wellness offers services and treatments performed by the best doctors and surgeons in the industry. From lip lifts to other treatments, their goal is to ensure every client would step out of their clinic happy and satisfied with their chosen procedure. With Northwest Beauty and Wellness, you can be very comfortable with the skin you’re in.

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