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HA Dermal Fillers: Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting It

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Dermal fillers are pretty known to be one of the most effective cosmetic treatments for those who want to get rid of the signs of skin aging in their faces and bodies. Aside from the fact that they are effective and show signs of improvement almost immediately, they are also known to be minimally invasive, not requiring their recipients to file for long sick leaves just to recover and heal their wounds. Many people receive these treatments on weekends and go back to work perfectly normal, without any complaints.

One of the most famous dermal fillers in the industry is hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers. You might have heard of hyaluronic acid already, thanks to it becoming a prominent main ingredient in many skincare products that combat signs of aging with every use. Despite its scary-sounding name, hyaluronic acid is very effective. Thus many doctors and cosmetic experts have been using it as dermal fillers for their clients.

However, some might be hesitant because all of these might sound entirely new to them. Are they safe to use? What are the known benefits? Are there any side effects? These questions are always floating on everyone’s minds once they hear of HA dermal fillers. This article aims to provide more information about hyaluronic acid dermal fillers so that everyone can decide if this is the proper treatment for their concerns.

For the sake of conciseness, we will refer to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as HA dermal fillers.

HA Dermal Fillers in a Nutshell

HA dermal filler is an injectable sterile gel that is pyrogen-free composed of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid coming from a non-animal origin, dissolved in a phosphate buffer saline solution. The cross-linking transforms the linear chains that hyaluronic acid has into a three-dimensional structure. This is more resistant to enzymatic degradation while maintaining its biocompatibility.

The gel in HA dermal fillers is known to be latex-free, so it is perfectly safe to use, especially for people with known latex allergies. It is also clear and colorless, and biodegradable, which throws every worry about it staying in the body forever like plastic out of the window. The synthetic cross-linking allows the HA dermal fillers to improve their stability, longevity, and elasticity, making them much more effective than dermal fillers.

It is also important to remember that hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in HA dermal fillers, is a substance already found in the patients’ skin. Its primary purpose is to keep the skin plump and much more hydrated. It is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a form of treatment against skin volume loss and for cosmetic purposes.

Benefits of HA Dermal Fillers

HA dermal fillers are used to address many common skin concerns, such as under-eye circles, getting rid of lip lines and nasolabial folds, sagging skin, and overall skin rejuvenation. It is also used for rejuvenating the skin in the hands, which is thinner than any other part of the body.

Most HA dermal fillers are also filled with lidocaine, known as a numbing agent, to ensure that the patient feels much more comfortable during the treatment. It works the same way as local anesthesia works. Still, you can also confirm the components of the HA dermal filler to the doctor before getting into the procedure.

Possible Risks and Side Effects

However, same as many cosmetic treatments, HA dermal fillers have side effects and possible risks, especially to specific groups of people who might be more sensitive to medicines than any other people. Experiencing side effects is normal, and most people often experience it. Still, suppose serious side effects are persisting even days after the procedure. In that case, it is best to consult a healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Most people experience mild side effects that are associated with HA dermal fillers. These are the most common effects after the treatments, and they tend to last a few days after the treatment, depending on the patient. Some of these include itching, bumps, redness, and mild bruising.

The bruising some patients might experience is usually mild enough, and it can be covered by makeup. Intense bruising is very rare, and bruising, in general, can be avoided by not taking medications with blood-thinning agents such as warfarin and coumadin before and after the treatment. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen should also be avoided to prevent bruising.

However, suppose the patient experiences any side effects such as allergic reactions. In that case, it is essential to consult a doctor as soon as it happens. This happens when the body recognizes that the filler is a foreign body, and it does its normal process of trying to get rid of it. This can be treated with corticosteroids and other antibiotics, and thus does not mean it is a matter of life and death.

It is important to remember that serious side effects rarely happen. The most common side effects are the ones that patients can get after the treatment. It is recommended to discuss any possible health conditions that might affect the process with the healthcare provider before setting up an appointment.

Our Takeaway

HA dermal fillers are among the most commonly used dermal fillers in treating skin conditions related to aging and volume loss, such as sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and under-eye circles. HA dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, without any dangerous additives. They are sure to get absorbed by the body system without any worries. 

The FDA has approved the use of these for cosmetic treatments. They have no serious side effects, aside from the usual ones patients get after every dermal filler treatment in general. Results can be seen almost immediately, and with consistent use, the results can last for a longer time than intended.

Remember to set appointments with licensed and legitimate cosmetic doctors and experts to avoid any complications due to improper administration, malpractice, and other concerns.

NWBeautyRX knows how important it is for their clients to look good and feel good without risking their health or appearance. Thus, it offers various cosmetic treatments and procedures catering to different skin and aesthetic conditions, such as HA dermal fillers and other dermal fillers in general.

Their services are perfect for people of all ages, skin colors, and genders, so there is no need to worry about the limits of the services offered. They also educate their clients on what to do after the treatments to minimize any serious side effects or discomfort, at the very least, which is what customer service is all about.

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