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If You Need Vitamin B12 Injections, How Often Should You Get Them?

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Vitamin B12 is a type of vitamin B that the body needs to work properly. It is essential to the body to function and develop the nervous system, brain, blood cells, and many more. It also plays a vital role in creating new DNA and keeping the red blood cells count enough and healthy. Its source is foods such as seafood, meat, and dairy products. The recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 for adults is six micrograms. However, the body may not always absorb enough vitamins effectively. So as a substitute to the natural sources of vitamin B12, laboratory-made substances are available. 

If you have a condition that needs to increase vitamin B12 levels in your blood, an injection is the fastest and easiest way. You may need to have a regular schedule of shots, and specific dosage needs based on your medical condition and body’s ability to store vitamin B12. vitamin

Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 injections are commonly for vitamin B12 deficiency but are given too to patients for various reasons. It is an effective and easy way to improve the health of someone who needs to supply supplements of vitamin B12 in their system. Vitamin B12 supplements can also be taken orally, but the benefits will not be maximized compared to injection directly flowing and working on the system. 

The dosage for vitamin B12 is different from person to person and depends on the ailment. The doctor will identify the frequency of getting the injection based on the reason the patient needs it. But some doctors also approved anyone to get a vitamin B12 injection with a weekly one-shot for four weeks. You can also get a few shots for a year if you want to boost the immune system. For instance, if you are an athlete, you can increase your stamina for the preparation of rigorous training with vitamin B12 injection. Likewise, if you are in the process of recovery after extensive practice, vitamin B12 will also help you revitalize. 

You will need to test for B12 level before doctors can identify what dosage and how often you will need an injection. A blood test will identify the B12 level in your system. How often you should get an injection depends on the amount of vitamin B12 your body can store. If you are getting the injection for medical purposes, you will also have a regular blood test to check the vitamin B12 in your blood. Once it stabilizes, you will get less frequency of shots. You may need vitamin B12 injection for various health conditions such as:

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Anemia
  • Genetic B12 malabsorption
  • Nerve pain

These need a proper consultation from a certified doctor before you can be qualified for a vitamin B12 injection. 

How often you should get Vitamin B12 Injection when you have a…

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency is insufficient B12 levels in the blood. A specific diet or vegan lifestyle may cause low levels of B12 in the blood. The symptoms associated with vitamin B12 deficiency have adverse effects on the person’s life and activities. Signs include nausea, fatigue, stress, and anxiety. It is advisable to get a daily injection of B12 to reduce the symptoms until the right level of vitamin B12 is sustained.  When the body stabilizes and signs are no longer occurring, you can reduce the frequency of getting a B12 injection to a regular once-a-month shot to avoid B12 deficiency in the future. 


B12 deficiency is very common in people suffering from Pernicious Anemia. If the blood test result shows a low level of B12, the patient will need to get a daily or alternate dosage of vitamin B12 for a week. The initial stages of vitamin B12 treatment will be injected into the muscle or beneath the skin. After a week of daily vitamin B12 injection, then you can reduce the regularity to every 3 to 4 days for a month. A lifetime dosage of 100mcg may be prescribed by the doctor or at least a regular injection and blood test to maintain the B12 level in the blood. 

Genetic B12 malabsorption

Genetic B12 malabsorption is a hereditary condition that makes the body unable to process B12. A person with genetic B12 malabsorption is prone to ailments and more severe health problems such as developmental delay, dementia, psychosis, and stroke. The typical dosage of B12 at the start of treatment is 10mg per day, followed by a comprehensive and fixed injection schedule that the doctor will prescribe. 

Nerve pain

A Vitamin B12 Injections is also used to treat and relieve the symptoms of nerve pain. It is injected under the skin near the area of the nerve damage. The injection is administered six times weekly for up to a month until symptoms are eased. 

How to inject Vitamin B12 Injection

Some clinics assist you in vitamin B12 injection. If you are doing it on your own, there are proper steps that you must take to ensure a safe and successful B12 injection:

  • Prepare all necessary supplies such as the Vitamin B12 solution, syringe with a new and clean needle, cotton, alcohol, gauze or bandages, and a container for the injection waste disposal. 
  • Wash and clean your hands
  • Sanitize the injection site
  • For intramuscular injection (injection on the muscle), hold the syringe for a 90-degree angle while injecting, as well as when you withdraw the needle carefully and swiftly. Make sure that the needle is on the muscle. You can test if you are injecting in the nerve by slightly pulling the plunger of the syringe. If there is blood, then you are hitting a nerve, but if not, then it is definitely in the muscle. 
  • For subcutaneous injection (injection on the muscle), hold the syringe at 45 degrees. The injection is usually at the body area with more fats, such as the belly and arm. 
  • Swiftly withdraw the needle.
  • Apply pressure on the injection site to stop the bleeding. 

If you need Vitamin B12…

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