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What Are The Benefits Of Lip Injections?

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Aging on the lips is a common problem that affects women. Finding ways to fix it can be quite hard since most methods offer solutions that don’t look natural. However, thanks to innovations in lip injections, women can rejuvenate their lips without having an unnatural look. 

A moisturizing lip balm or lipstick will help restore the lips’ natural hydration lost due to aging and sun exposure. Additionally, it will provide a barrier against dryness, leaving cracked and sore lips. While these products are undoubtedly effective, they can only do so much. 

There are many ways to slow the lip’s aging process, but prevention only slows it down—there is no stopping the tide of aging. Many people have been looking for cosmetic treatments on the lips, but many of them end up with an unnatural-looking lip instead. But now, there are alternatives.

Lip injections can revitalize your lip’s condition, turning the clock backward on aging. So what can you expect for the treatment? How does it work? How will it benefit you exactly?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, continue reading the article. 

What Causes Lips To Age? 

Aging is the leading factor in why your lips age, but there is more to it than that. 

The lips are one of the most exposed parts of the body. With their thin and delicate skin, they are also the first to show signs of aging. It is frequently prone to dryness and cracking due to air, wind, and cold weather exposure, but other factors cause the lips to age faster. 

Many factors cause lip aging, including smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, using lipstick or lip balm with SPF protection daily, not wearing sunscreen on your lips when you’re outside for long periods, not drinking enough water throughout the day (especially in hot weather), not eating enough fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants that help protect against free radical damage.

Lip Injections Are The Solution

Preventing these bad habits might be too late, but there is still something you can do about it. 

Lip injections are a cosmetic procedure used to plump up the lips and make them fuller. It is also known as lip augmentation or lip filler. Their formulas may involve hyaluronic acid, silicone, or collagen. However, we will be leaning towards hyaluronic acid for our clinic since it’s more effective and can last longer. 

Brands such as Juvederm®, Voluma®, and Volbella® offer the formula, but clinics will administer it to the patient. 

Who Can Benefit Lip Injections?

Many people wonder whether lip injections can completely transform their lips and give them a fuller appearance. There are several benefits to lip injections, but it is essential to research before making this decision.

To be considered for a lip injection, you have to be healthy, meaning to say, there are no infections on your lips. Also, you need to set realistic expectations going in for the treatment. 

It’s like getting the haircut when you give your barber a picture of your ideal haircut. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will come out the very same way. That’s because each lip shape is unique, and our bodies also react differently from each other. 

There are many reasons you may want to get a lip injection. Perhaps you fit in any of these categories. 

  • Restoring Lip Size: Aging will cause your lips to shrink and appear thinner and thinner. Plus, the groove on your upper lips gets longer and flatter. The space between the mouth’s corners also increases.
  • Smoothening Out Wrinkles: Wrinkles will inevitably develop on the sides or around your mouth since you frequently make a facial expression on a lifetime. 
  • Properly Reshaping The Lips: It’s pretty common for some people that their lip sizes differ on each side, which may be caused by genetics. 
  • Desiring To Look Better: Many people want to boost their confidence by enhancing their lips. 

If you have any of these reasons, it’s perfectly fine for you to seek out lip injections. 

How Does It Work?

Most clinics take advantage of the hyaluronic formula for lip injection treatment. 

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body, and it helps to maintain moisture in the skin. You can find this same formula in creams, lotions, serums, eye drops, and other cosmetic products. There are many benefits of using hyaluronic acid for your skin, such as reducing wrinkles fine lines, and correcting pigmentation.

But how does it work? Hyaluronic does wonders by encouraging collagen production. 

Collagen is a protein found in connective tissue and helps provide strength to the skin. It also aids in maintaining elasticity and firmness. However, as we get older, our collagen production decreases on our skin. 

The same is true for your lips, and without collagen, it shrinks, thins, the shape changes, and wrinkles appear. Thankfully, we can remedy the decreased collagen count by introducing hyaluronic acid underneath the skin’s surface. As a result, the lip’s become elastic and firm again, correcting the shape and increasing its volume. 

Applying hyaluronic acid on the skin’s surface does little. That’s why your provider will directly inject it into your lips to target the skin layer responsible for collagen production. 

What Can You Expect In A Lip Injection Procedure?

Your lip injection provider will apply some topical anesthetic on your lips and the surrounding area to start the procedure. It will numb your lips so that you won’t feel uncomfortable once the injections are applied.

Next, your provider will apply the formula to the skin through injections. They might inject on the center, edges, the curve on your lips, and on your oral commissures, which are the corners of the mouth. 

You won’t feel any pain at all, and at most, just a pinching sensation. The entire procedure is short, taking you only around 30 minutes or so. 

How Long Will It Last?

It depends on your habits and lifestyle. You might have some bad habits that cause your lips to age faster. Aside from that, most patients experience the benefits of the injections for the next 12-18 months. 

Consult your provider about it to know how to extend the efficacy as long as possible. 


If you are interested in a lip injections treatment, make sure to reach out to Northwest Beauty and Wellness They make sure that you achieve beauty services without resorting to surgical methods.

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