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What is a PDO Thread? What Areas Can it Treat?

Know more about PDO Thread in Northwest Beauty and Wellness at Sequim, WA

It can be a massive problem for some people if they see their skin sagging, especially on the face and the neck area. Sagging skin is a known sign of skin aging. It can be annoying and frustrating to women and some men interested in keeping their youthful looks for a long time.

However, several factors contribute to skin sagging, such as having unhealthy habits like excessive smoking and drinking, genetics, health conditions, and unprotected sun exposure for a long time. Some people cannot avoid getting exposed to these things, and therefore they get sagging skin and other skin aging signs.

Thankfully, a cosmetic procedure meant to erase these problems away and solve them for their convenience. PDO thread lift is a relatively newer innovation that is very helpful in treating signs of skin aging such as sagging and other factors. So many people have vouched for the positive results they experienced after receiving this treatment. It is also used by hundreds of dermatologists and skin aestheticians around the world.

We know some people might be interested in receiving this treatment, and we are here to help you. Here are some things that interested clients must know about PDO thread lift, its benefits, how it works, and any side effects patients might receive from the treatment.

What is a PDO thread lift?

PDO stands for polydioxanone, and it is a kind of thread used by the skin aesthetician or the dermatologist to the patient to do the threading. This kind of thread is best suited to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate sagging skin.

PDO threads have been used by doctors across all departments in medicine for decades for several operations. These include treating gynecological disorders and suturing incisions after the patient undergoes any medical procedures. Its aesthetic enhancing properties have made PDO the thread of choice to achieve better results.

To start, there are two main types of PDO threads, the floating non-barbed threads, and the floating barbed threads. These types of threads do matter when used in the treatment because this affects the results of the patients they are going to get from the PDO threading treatment.

What body areas can a PDO threading treat?

The PDO threading is indeed versatile. Thus dermatologists can use it to treat virtually any part of the face. It is used to treat the neck, the jawline, the jowls, eyebrows, cheeks, under-eye area, and the nasolabial folds. It is also used to treat crow’s feet and marionette lines.

Out of the different parts of the face, the cheeks and the lower face and neck parts are the most commonly treated ones. It is because they lend themselves well to synergistic skin lifting treatments, such as Ultherapy.

How long does this last?

The threads usually dissolve from six to nine months after the treatment, so they are pretty much for the long run compared to other methods. However, these are due to several factors that might affect the longevity of the results, such as the thickness and quality of the threads and the patient’s metabolism. Patients are free to discuss the details with their skincare aesthetician for a more precise answer.

What are the benefits of PDO threading?

PDO thread lift is known to bring many benefits to the patients receiving this treatment, which sets it apart from other nonsurgical and non-invasive treatments.

PDO thread lifts are known to result in instant skin lifting mechanically. It also contracts the fat tissue on the face, resulting in an instant tightening of the skin. It also promotes collagen and neovascularization, which eventually renews the skin at a cellular level.

These benefits work together to bless the patient with an enhanced skin texture and the appearance of fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This procedure also gives the patient more elastic skin, which prevents drooping or sagging on some parts.

What are the possible risks and side effects?

PDO thread lifts are extraordinarily non-invasive and non-surgical, meaning that the patient does not have to go under the knife, quite literally, to address their sagging skin and other skin aging concerns. However, patients might experience several side effects during or after the treatment, which is pretty familiar to all those who underwent PDO thread lifts.

Some known side effects include pain and minor bruising on the part where the treatment was done, hair loss, inflammation, salivary gland injuries, hematoma or accumulation of blood, and dimpling, which resembles an orange peel-like texture on the skin. Sometimes, the threads get snapped during the procedure, which can cause a jolt of pain when it happens.

Fortunately, these side effects do not last for a long time, and not all of these happen to the patient. For example, a patient might experience pain and inflammation on the neck part, while others might experience dimpling. Also, most side effects are usually corrected easily after the treatment or after a couple of days. Minor complications also happen in 15 to 20 percent of the procedures.

What can I expect after the treatment?

A patient can already see and experience some of the final results of the PDO threading, such as skin lifting and some contouring effects. They can expect to see the changes in the contour of their face immediately after the procedure. Skin tightening can also happen after the procedure.

As for the final results, they will be seen within one to two months of the treatment, so consistency is vital. A patient must have multiple PDO thread lift sessions in some instances. Though most cases only require up to two sessions, the patient has to go back after three years. However, several factors have to be taken into consideration when expecting the final results to happen.

For example, age plays an essential factor in the retention of the final results. How quickly the body produces a new and healthy supply of collagen will contribute to how long the results will last. Collagen is essential to plump up the skin, fill in the fine lines, and smooth out the wrinkles.

Our Takeaway

PDO threading is a wholly non-surgical and non-invasive way to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin without undergoing bloody cosmetic surgeries. The results last for a long time, and there are no significant complications after the treatment. Patients can enjoy the benefits with just one session, and they can walk out of the skincare clinic with plumper, tighter skin with lesser fine lines, and drooping.

NWBeautyRX offers PDO threading and other skincare treatments aimed at restoring the youthful appearance of their trusted clients. They are committed to providing high-quality aesthetic services meant to bring out their clients’ best version and allow them to embrace their skin.

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